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2011-04-10 05:34 pm

You probably didn't hear it here first, but...

my mother has decided to go to rehab.
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2011-04-08 07:09 pm

Iceland ho!

Have successfully booked tickets for Britain via Iceland! And hotel! And return via London!

And concert at St Martin-in-the-Fields!

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2011-04-08 09:17 am
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Hugo 2011?

It will be a crying shame if Kameron Hurley doesn't get a Hugo nom.
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2011-04-07 07:15 am


Oy with the LJ issues already!

Brief news:

Getting bathroom remodeled.

Visiting assisted living on Sunday.

Lots of schoolwork to do -- I can be done now please?

Working today at job.

Julia's All-City concert tonight. Pandemonium!

<3 y'all.
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2010-09-05 11:03 am

New recipe posted at Caerwyn Cooks


Made these this gorgeous, cool morning.


Easy-peasy and super-tasty! I did half plain, half with dark chocolate chips. Bacon on the side!
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2008-12-13 09:05 am

Tea Party Today!

I'm blearily clinging to a cup of PG Tips, but before the potential craziness of the day takes hold I want to wish all the Tea-Partyers the most wonderful and delicious of days!

Here's a recipe from:

Naughton, A. (2002). Tea & Sympathy: The life of an English teashop in New York. New York: Putnam.

Tea & Sympathy Scones )

These are truly among the most tender and delicious scones I've ever tasted. Truly. Sometimes the most simple recipes are the best! You have to eat them the first day, or, say, the first hour, but really, that won't be a problem. Slather with jam and or clotted cream.

And don't forget -- visit our delightful and gracious hostess [ profile] elspethsheir for all the day's goodies and treats and fun!
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2008-12-10 06:27 am